Calling all families and friends: SPB and Non-Trad office to host larger-than-life Game Night

Southern Utah University’s Student Programming Board is teaming up with Non-Traditional Student Services to host a Family Game Night event in the Sharwan Smith Student Center Ballroom from 6-8 p.m. on Tuesday, Mar. 8. 

The event comes with a twist, though: some of the games are bigger than normal. Attendees can choose between life-sized games such as human foosball or giant Hungry Hungry Hippos. Or, they could opt for card games with three-foot-tall playing cards. Of course, there will also be plenty of normal board games available as well. 

Students are encouraged to invite their families to this event as it is geared to get non-traditional students more involved on campus. The game night is open to children of students, spouses of students or even just friends.

“Family is not always blood-related,” explained Event Director Maklayne Wilks. “Family is what you make it. I hope that everyone comes and spends time with their school family.”

Upon filling out waivers for Hungry Hungry Hippos, students will lay on their stomachs on a plastic scooter board and will have a teammate that pushes them around while they use a laundry basket to catch as many balloons as they can in the middle of the room.

To encourage mingling, attendees can pick up a Bingo sheet with a list of people they have to find. As students meet new people, they will try to fill the board, finding people with a variety of interests and characteristics. Whoever checks off the most categories will win a prize. 

“We wanted to do something that would bring in non-traditional students and include families in a different way,” said Wilks. “People often worry about dishes and other household chores that take away from game night so we figured we would have people come out of their usual environment.” 

The Non-Traditional Office assists students that are 25 and older, married, widowed, divorced, have dependent children or have gone three or more years without being enrolled in school. They provide resources and financial assistance for those eligible, have grants available for childcare and offer individual attention for this group of students. 

Tickets will be free but are required for Family Game Night. Tickets can be picked up in the Non-Traditional Office room ST 172, in the Student Involvement and Leadership Office room ST 177 or at the door of the event.


Story by: Elaine Lonborg

Photo courtesy of SPB