A Night on the Town: SPB’s headphone dance meets human bowling

The Student Programming Board at Southern Utah University is hosting a “Night on the Town” on Friday, Feb. 18 from 9 p.m. to midnight. The event will be in the Multipurpose Building gym and will feature a headphone dance, human bowling, mini golf, food and more.

Event Director Ashley Thomas explained that in brainstorming ideas for what students might do when they go out for a fun night, SPB event planners thought of bowling and reinvented it to make it life-size. The pins are inflatable and students will get into bumper balls they can “roll” down the lane in.

“Every year, it’s another challenge to keep events new and relevant and to keep students engaged,” Thomas said. “We have multiple goals we try to achieve with each event involving the diversity of campus—especially to reach those students who don’t always go to events.”

To reach some of those students, they decided to go with a headphone dance rather than a traditional dance. Headphones will be provided so attendees can choose between different genres of music to listen to and gather on the dance floor.

“We hope to bring in students who aren’t so comfortable in an environment with lots of loud music,” Thomas said. She explained that with so many activities happening at once, she hopes there will be something for everyone.

Human bowling, mini golf, and refreshments will be spread throughout the multipurpose gym, with the dance and other activities on opposite ends.

For more information about the event, or to see upcoming SPB activities, visit their Instagram, or website here.


Story by: McKayla Olsen


Photo courtesy of SPB