How to manage stress and anxiety during finals through CAPS

With finals just halfway done, Southern Utah University’s Counseling and Psychological services encourages students to take advantage of the resources provided by Southern Utah University’s Counseling and Psychological Services. Each Wednesday at 2 p.m., CAPS holds an anxiety group drop-in session.

The group sessions are open to the SUU community through an open Zoom meeting listed on the CAPS website. The psycho-educational group covers ways to build cognitive, physiological and mental skills to relieve anxiety, distress and other concerns.

“A lot of students have anxiety on campus right now,” Director of Training Matt Reiser said. “Group and individual therapy sessions are ways we can help them through finals week.”

CAPS offers weekly drop-in group therapy sessions as well as individual therapy by appointment only. Some of CAPS regular services include: individual counseling, couples counseling, group counseling and workshops and biofeedback.

CAPS’ purpose is to help SUU students achieve their educational, career and personal goals, according to their website. Their therapists offer students ways to cope and manage the stress and conflicts that may distract them from their university curriculum.

“Right now, [CAPS] can walk students through mindfulness activities and get them set up for individual therapy,” Reiser said. “Most students that come to us do very well in therapy and find it to be very supportive and helpful.”

These services are confidential and free to SUU students. To get started, call CAPS at (435) 865-8621 for more information on counseling or check out the CAPS website to find Zoom links to group sessions.

Finals are important, but your mental health is a priority. Good luck, T-Birds!

Article by Danielle Meuret