Getting outdoors for the winter

The winter season is not the most welcoming for outdoor adventures and travel, but there’s still plenty of adventures to be had in the snow and cold for people of all ages and abilities. Here are a few ways to get out and about.

Skiing and Snowboarding

Two of the most popular activities of the winter season in Utah are skiing and snowboarding, having 12 ski resorts across the state, the closest one to Southern Utah University being Brian Head Resort. With so many options, there are plenty of areas to enjoy some fun on the slopes this season.

Brain Head is set to open up on Nov. 19, weather permitting. Gear can be rented from the resort itself or from SUU Outdoors Basecamp, located in the Sharwan Smith Student Center.

If the steep slopes are not for you, then there is cross country skiing. Cross country skiing allows people to explore the wilds at their own pace–something much easier for beginning skiers as well.


Hiking may not seem the most appealing in the cold and snow, but with a new season can come new and exciting sights even with the most mundane of trails.

Hiking is still a viable option for winter adventures, with either snow cleats which allow people to hike in regular hiking boots or snowshoes that allow hikers to walk on top of the snow.

Be wary though, hiking during the winter can have a drawback. Hikers tend to exert more energy when trekking through snow, either by wearing heavy snowshoes or postholing through heavy snow drifts on the trail. Be sure to bring plenty of clothes and gear to make the trip safe and not hazardous. 


There are miles of snowmobiling trails to explore and zip around with nine unique trail areas across the state. There are even 10 trails here in the Cedar mountains.

While one of the more expensive activities for winter, plenty of options are available for people who want to give it a try either by rental or paid tours, getting people out in a safe and beginner-friendly way.


The winter season is not just a time for staying indoors. Instead, it is a time for many to experience new and exciting adventures in the outdoors. With Utah having world renowned outdoor experiences and the greatest snow on Earth, it is the perfect place to explore the winter wonderland.


Story by: Skyler Jones

Photo by Robson Hatsukami Morgan on Unsplash