SUU Outdoors Hosts Learn the Ropes Climbing Clinic 

Southern Utah University Outdoors held a roped climbing clinic at the J.L. Sorenson P.E. Building on Friday, Oct. 1 in hopes of educating students on the basics of rock climbing to venture out safely themselves.

Derek Bryan, the assistant director for SUU Outdoors, ran the clinic while SUU Outdoors staff enjoyed the climbing wall, encouraging each other to go one way or another.

Bryan is sure they will hold a second one due to the clinic’s success. There are also mini-clinics every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 5-6 p.m. where students can become belay-certified and get additional help from staff.

If students want more technical training, SUU offers two courses: ORPT1527 and ORPT1528. 

“You don’t have to be extremely strong or fit to come climbing,” said Aubree Robinson, an SUU Outdoors staff. “Anyone can do it.”

SUU Outdoors holds other events with the desire to get students out of their books for a while and enjoy the fresh air. At Basecamp, there is a calendar displaying daily activities hosted every week, as well as trips students can sign up for two weeks in advance. 

SUU Outdoors is also excited to launch L.E.A.P., an evening program specifically designed to show the outdoors is accessible to everybody. Activities like paddleboarding and disc golf can allow students to get connected to Cedar City and meet new people.

“We’re trying to reach out to folks that feel like they’re not part of that outdoors niche,” Bryan said. “We’re trying to erase that niche.”

The P.E. building can rent out climbing shoes and harnesses to be used strictly at their climbing wall, while SUU Outdoors can provide equipment like bouldering pads and helmets. 

Local business, Cedar Sports, is another place to rent harnesses. 

Upcoming events hosted by SUU Outdoors include sunset yoga on Oct. 8 and an adventure up Cedar Canyon, where students will be provided with free climbing rentals. 

For more information on upcoming adventures, visit SUU Outdoors website and follow them on Instagram @suuoutdoors

Story & Photos By: Addie Horsley