Fun at the Fair: Washington County Fair Review

county fair

Washington County held its annual fair on April 14-17, located in Hurricane Utah. The fair had events such as a parade, boxing and mixed martial arts bouts, rodeo competitions, fireworks and a demolition derby on the last day.

county fairScattered throughout the days of the fair were plenty of smaller performances and entertainment for people to enjoy, such as a petting zoo, carnival with rides, concerts and other musical performances, and a veterans memorial. 

One of the performances was from the Singers Club, which is a St. George-based club formed for anyone looking to try their attempt at singing.

“Anyone can sing, anyone who wants to sing…they can request to sing, and we can get them up,” said Kevin Fry, county fairthe founder of Singers Club.

They performed at the fairgrounds live on Wednesday, April 14, in hopes of spreading the word about their organization.

There were also classic competitions such as photography, illustration, literature, food, beauty pageants and a baby contest. These multiple events ensured there was something for everyone at the fair.

county fairWhile COVID-19 guidelines were mentioned with signs all around the fairground stating to wear masks and remain six feet apart, these were not enforced by local security and by individuals at the fair.

This scene comes after the Utah statewide mask mandate ended on April 10, which lessened restrictions about wearing masks in public. 

These lessened restrictions created a unique experience as the number of people not wearing masks greatly outnumbered the people who wore their masks.

If you missed the fair this year, it will return next year with similar events lined up.


Story and Photos by Skyler Jones