Jazzed for Bingo Brings Excitement to Event-Going Students

In honor of Founder’s Week, Southern Utah University’s Student Programing Board hosted a “Jazzed for Bingo” night on March 16 for SUU students.

Founder’s Week is a celebration of SUU’s 124th birthday and welcomes new opportunities for the school to grow. On Monday, there was a “Back up the Mountain” watch party followed by the SUU Oscars which spotlighted student films.

Attendees during the bingo night event were required to wear masks and received a body temperature reading prior to entering the venue.

“I think events like this really help students connect more to the school,” Katie Marks, the assistant event director, said. “I know this semester has been hard for people with the winter slump, that is an issue in general. Being able to finally bring back in-person events, people are coming and finding a connection to other students.”

After SPB members handed out cards and bingo ink markers, students took their spots and eagerly awaited the first draw. 

Through seven anxious and exciting rounds of bingo, mystery prizes were revealed at the end of each round, which included an air fryer, vacuum and KitchenAid. The prizes were awarded to the participants who received a bingo sequence the quickest.

“I’ll go back to the school events because it is a chance to meet and engage with new people, which I personally think is important in helping cope and ease the pressure of school and other responsibilities,” said Landry Benimana, a junior at SUU.

Lunch on the Main will be the next event during Founder’s Week on March 17 from 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m.

For more details on this week’s events, visit the Founder’s Week website.


Story and photo by: Lainie Hallows