“Where Are You From?”: An Exploration of Student Diversity

The Southern Utah University Student Programming Board hosted the “Where Are You From?” event to celebrate Identity Week on Thursday.

Students pinned their names to one of three large maps to mark where they are from, comparing their past lives to others. This provided an interesting opportunity for students to see how widespread SUU’s population truly is. Students also wandered around the room and learned what SUU has to offer for diversity.

One of the booths featured was SUU’s Center for Diversity & Inclusion. According to their vision, the CDI works to “foster a learning environment that respects multiple perspectives.”

The CDI includes nine clubs, each focusing on a different group.

The African Union Club, American Asian Association, Black Student Union, Latinx Student Alliance, Middle Eastern Club, Native American Student Association, Pacific Islander Student Association, Pride and Equality Club and the Undocumented Migrant Alliance all provide a place for diverse students to learn while feeling respected.

Some may believe they are not included in these groups, but the CDI has “Unconscious Bias Training” and “Effective Allyship” workshops for everyone to learn more about diversity.

“We have workshops and training for everyone,” said Kai Lameman, a member of the official ambassador team for the CDI.

The CDI also offers scholarships to a wide variety of students.

The Native American Student Association, one of the CDI’s clubs, was also in attendance. NASA focuses on providing a place to educate and enjoy Native American culture.

Most of their events have been canceled this year due to the pandemic, but NASA still holds meetings at 6 p.m. on Tuesdays via Zoom. For a meeting link, contact nativeasasuu@gmail.com.

More information on the CDI can be found on their website.

For more events like this one, visit SUU’s Calendar of Events

Story and photo by: Audrey Gee