Decking the Apartment Halls on a Budget

With the Christmas season creeping up, it is almost time to put on “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate. The problem is, how does one truly feel the Christmas spirit without decorations, and with such a tight college budget? Using some of these DIY and decor ideas in your space can help add to the holiday vibe without breaking the bank.

Christmas Lights

One of the most popular means of decorating that can last even beyond the holiday season is with christmas lights. These lights are inexpensive, brighten up the space, and add a cheerful feeling to the room. Ranging from $2 to $8, you can own 100 count Christmas lights that come in a variety of different colors for a minimalistic and wallet friendly option. 


Another way to add Christmas cheer to your space, specifically the exterior, is with a wreath. The key is to do your research and find one for a decent price. Wreaths increase the holiday vibes without limiting space inside your living room and kitchen. Places like TJ Maxx, Walmart, and even the Dollar Tree have great options for wreaths and kits to make your own and cost about $10.

Christmas Tree

For about $20, investing in a small artificial Christmas tree is a fairly inexpensive way to bring the ultimate holiday spirit to your area. They can be displayed basically anywhere and do not require maintenance or many ornaments to look pleasing. Any tree topper like a star, bow or angel will work. Turning to the internet for inspiration is a great way to find what stands out to you. 


Garlands are a simple and timeless decoration that can be customized to your taste and can range in cost from $2 to $10. The basic materials to make a strand is a string cut to your desired length and decorations to hang along it. Some common garland decorations include ornaments, popcorn, dried citrus and pine cones. Creating a holiday feel, garlands can be strung anywhere without taking up space in your room.

Paper Snowflakes

What was a simple first grade project, paper snowflakes can also be used to keep Christmas decorations budget friendly. All you need is paper and scissors. Folding and cutting the paper can be done in a variety of different ways — no two flakes are the same. To finish off your paper creation, attach a string to the top and hang anywhere in your kitchen, living room or bedroom. 

Turning to the internet for Christmas DIY projects and tips on how to make the most out of your apartment or dorm is a good strategy to consider for other ideas. There are budget friendly options for every college student to enjoy the holidays even away from home. After all, the way that the halls get decked is up to you.


Story by Lainie Hallows
Photo Courtesy of Kelly Sikkema via