South-Central Utah Shaken Up by 4.4 Magnitude Earthquake

Towns in the south-central region of Utah experienced a magnitude 4.4 earthquake early Saturday morning.

The United States Geological Survey reported the earthquake as taking place at 5:47 a.m. on October 3 with several aftershocks, the biggest being a magnitude 2.5.   

University of Utah Seismograph Stations pinpointed the epicenter of the quake at the southern end of the Tushar Mountains, approximately nine miles southwest of the town of Circleville and five miles northwest of the town of Spry.

No damage was reported as a result of the tremors and the USGS issued a “green alert for shaking-related fatalities and economic losses.” 

Residents in Piute, Beaver, Garfield, Kane and Iron counties reported feeling the effects of Saturday’s earthquake.

Utah Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox was in the town of Kanab during the event and tweeted about feeling the shakes saying, “umm… anyone in Kanab just feel an earthquake?”

Cox followed up several minutes later tweeting, “USGS reporting a magnitude 4.3 near Circleville. It was a good ride here in Kanab. Stay safe out there friends…#Thanks2020.”

There have been 269 “Felt Reports” filed on the USGS website thus far. Those who felt the effects of the quake can fill out a report on their page.

The Tushar Mountains epicenter was approximately 45 miles northeast of Cedar City. Residents of Cedar City have reported feeling the shaking.

Though the earthquake did little damage, citizens can still prepare for a future event. The U.S. Ready Campaign has a list of resources available to educate on earthquake preparedness and safety during and after an earthquake.

Some recommendations for safety during a quake include getting on your hands and knees and holding onto something sturdy, covering your head and neck with your arms, or by climbing beneath a sturdy piece of furniture and holding on and being prepared to move if it moves.

Additional suggestions and a list of preparedness actions may be found on the Ready website.


Story by: Mikyla Bagley

Photos by: Mikyla Bagley