Welcome Back: Tips for Moving In

With the fall semester only about two weeks away, students are packing, finishing their summer jobs and returning to Cedar City. 

Although some students have remained in Cedar City for the summer, many have traveled to different towns for the break, which means a lot of students are in the same boat when it comes to moving back. 

For first-year students, the idea of packing up everything they’ve collected since birth can be truly overwhelming. And even for returning students, the move seems a little less overwhelming but equally dreadful.

Here are some tips to make the move back a little easier:

Pack Your Things in Sections

This might seem obvious, but when loading up, make sure to pack in categories. Make separate boxes for kitchen utensils, toiletries, school supplies, etc. It’s helpful to subcategorize clothes as well, separating winter and summer clothes, because the winter coats don’t necessarily have to be brought back out until it gets chilly again. Packing in sections not only keeps everything organized, but will make move-in day go by much quicker. 

Rome Wasn’t Built In a Day

Moving is stressful, and can take longer than expected. Take a deep breath and realize that well, Rome wasn’t built in a day. It can be exhausting and seem like an enormous task to move in and set everything up at once, Realize this and prioritize what needs to be set up first, and don’t forget to take breaks during the process. Color-coding T-shirts or posting polaroids on mirrors is something that can be done days later when energy is regained. 

Teamwork Makes the Dream work 

Recruit a family member or friend! New roommates may also be willing to help, and spending the time together may be a great way to get to know each other. “Many hands make light work” is an old saying, but it’s true. Having an extra set of hands around will speed up the process and make things easier. If someone isn’t available to help, turn on a podcast or listen to music to make the time pass more quickly.

Make It Fun

Be excited to move! This is the start of another fall semester, and what’s better than a fresh start? Making a mental list of things to look forward to is the perfect way to remind overwhelmed students that this year will be a good one. Turn on some pump-up music and make the best of it, because life’s what we make it, right?


Story by: Elizabeth Armstrong