Face Coverings Required on SUU Campus

On Aug. 26, the Office of the Dean of Students released a letter directed toward students in regards to face coverings that will be required on campus during the fall semester. Students, staff and faculty have also been asked to complete a short online training and “take the pledge” promising that face coverings will be worn.

Read the letter released below:

Dear Students,

Prior to the start of this unusual school year, we wanted to remind you of your unique responsibility and role in helping us stay open for face-to-face instruction. We, as a university will do what we can to protect the health and safety of our community, but you must do your part as well.

As we follow the news headlines across the country, we see many colleges and universities that have opened for fall semester, only to close shortly thereafter due to localized COVID outbreaks. Upon learning more, we have found that these cluster-spreader events have all been a result of socializing off campus and not from gathering in classrooms on campus.

Your willingness to properly wear face coverings and socially distance (both on and off campus) will significantly affect our ability to remain open for face-to-face instruction all year.

Before school starts, all faculty, staff, and students will be required to “take the pledge” and complete a short online training. An additional email will be sent in the coming days with more details and links to the training and pledge.

When you arrive on campus in the coming weeks, you will be expected to properly wear a face covering or mask inside buildings (including classrooms, common areas, and hallways) and outside when it is not possible to maintain 6-feet of distance between individuals. Face coverings must cover both the nose and the mouth.

The university will provide one free face covering to students, which can be picked up in ST 177, to add to their personal supply. Students who qualify for special accommodations through the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) may make these requests to the Disability Services Office.

Students who choose to disregard the requirement to properly wear face coverings while on campus may be in violation of the Student Conduct Code for endangering the health or safety of others (See Student Code 11.2, 4.E and 4.H). Faculty, staff, and peers are encouraged first to discuss their concerns with the student involved; however, when appropriate, they may refer a student to the Office of the Dean of Students at 435-586-7766 or deanofstudentsoffice@suu.edu .

SUU is committed to providing balanced and fair systems of resolution, and we will utilize an education-based, informal resolution process. However, repeated violations of the Student Conduct Code may result in progressive sanctions, including written warning, probation, forfeiture of the opportunity to participate in on-campus courses, or suspension from the University.

We look forward to seeing students back on campus this fall. If you have questions regarding fall semester, we’d invite you to watch a replay of the virtual Fall Student Forum.

Jon Anderson, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Jared Tippets, Vice President for Student Affairs
Heather Ogden, Dean of Students

To read the original letter, click here.


Story and photos courtesy of: Office of the Dean of Students