SUU Offers Free Hobby Lessons

Southern Utah University’s community education program and dozens of local experts have joined together this spring to create a unique collection of fun learning opportunities to enjoy from home.

The series of online classes titled “Community Connect–Learn from Home” offers dozens of free interactive activities. The library has grown by demand to provide everything from cooking geology lessons. The wide variety of topics even include book discussions and parenting advice.

Before taking its place in the new SUU library of community resources, each class streams live on social media. The classes are available to watch on the YouTube channel SUU Community Education.

The online library features lessons in four categories including  “Keep Learning” teaching hobbies and skills, “Community Reads” offering book recommendations, “Navigating Close Quarters” providing tips on relationship and family management, and “Art and Science Toolkit” featuring fun art projects and science experiments for youth.

The director of SUU’s project-based learning program Todd Petersen wanted to give back to the community, and this was just the way to do it.

“Now that I look at the YouTube library of community education videos, it is amazing to see so many great, inspiring community members who also contributed to the effort and provided some great lessons and topics,” said Petersen.

The Community Connect Series offers more than 50 lessons now uploaded to the SUU Community Education YouTube library for local, statewide and even national residents to enjoy without the price tag.

A complete list of free Community Connect/Learn From Home classes are available here. For more information, email, or call (435) 865-8259.

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Story by: Haven Scott