Online Learning for the Summer Semester at SUU

The coronavirus has had a major impact on the way that Southern Utah University’s spring semester has been taught. With the summer semester quickly coming up, some students may be wondering what will be happening for their upcoming courses.

Currently, all classes will continue in an online format. In addition, there are currently no plans to change the classes offered over the summer.

Classes will continue to be held online until both state leaders and local health officials have given SUU clearance to hold classes in person again.

Doctor Jared Tippets, Vice President for Student Affairs, recognized that online learning isn’t ideal for everyone but hopes that things will improve over time.

For the spring semester, faculty had a very short notice to adjust their courses to an online format. With plans currently being to do summer semester online, faculty should have enough time to plan courses so that they better fit the format.

That said, faculty is looking forward to classes resuming in person again when they are allowed to.

“We are anxious to get ‘back to normal’ and have all students on campus learning together as we have in the past,” said Tippets.

Summer semester is set to begin on May 11 for full session and first session students. Second session students begin on June 24.

Students who aren’t interested in participating in the online still have time to withdraw for a full refund or even drop classes.

If students decide to withdraw from scheduled courses and want to receive a full refund there are several dates to keep track of on the SUU’s academic calendar.

First session class deadlines for a full refund is May 18, full session course withdrawal has a deadline of  May 26 and finally the second session has until July 2.

Even with the shift to online classes, the university does not expect it to slow down students interested in the new three year degree.


Story by: Alex Schilling
Photos Courtesy of: SUU