Online Finals Survival Guide

Ah, Southern Utah University’s finals week is here. This spring semesters’ finals week is ready to cap off this one of a kind semester with a twist: it’s all online. Here are a few tips for smooth sailing through a unique finals week and on into the summer.

Change Your Environment

Everyone has been spending a lot more time staring at the same four walls lately, and as tempting as it can be to test from bed, upgrading to a desk or even outside could help clear the mental cobwebs.

Bailey Sorensen, a Brigham Young University student who is already in the middle of her online finals week, shared that where she tests affects how well she does.

“In some ways it’s nice to not have to go to the testing center; it’s a lot less stressful. But I found that I do better from home when I sit at a table and have a quiet space to focus.”

Get Dressed

If you look good you feel good; so if you’re in a funk try putting on your favorite outfit. Even if you’re taking exams from home and no one will see you, it could boost your mood which in turn can boost your grade.


Go Back to the Basics 

As easy as it is to ignore simple needs at this time, getting a good night’s rest and eating healthy can help you to feel refreshed and more ready for your test.

Get Connected

Go somewhere with good Wi-Fi. This might be hard for some depending on the individual situation. To avoid losing progress on an exam, make sure to be somewhere that the internet won’t fail. Select computer labs on SUU campus are still open and available for use.

Ask for Help

Professors are still available through email and office hours on Zoom, and the SUU tutoring center is doing remote appointments for those who need it. Take advantage of that if you have questions.

Get Pumped

Motivation has been at a low for some lately. Call a friend, watch a motivational video, go for a run, play your favorite song, or give yourself a pep talk in the mirror. Anything to help you grind out that final paper.


Once that last (or first) final is done, go support your local businesses and treat yourself to some quality time outside of the house (while following good social distancing practices). It’s a win-win. While traditional parties might not be possible, finishing out this wild semester is something to commemorate.


Story by Larissa Beatty
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