A Summer in Cedar City

Summer break. These two words have been ringing in the ears of college students from the moment they sat down for their first 8 a.m. lecture. 

With the increase in summer semester classes and job opportunities, many T-Birds are spending their long-awaited break in Cedar City. While students might feel congested in the small city, summer in Cedar can be more exciting than expected.

Lake at the Hills

Although Cedar City sits in the middle of a dry desert, there’s one place locals can go to cool off: the Lake at the Hills. This man-made lake is perfect for fishing, kayaking or a quick dip on a hot day. 

The best part? The lake is right next to downtown Cedar City, located behind the community aquatic center. 

If the dry southern Utah climate’s got you down during your summer in Cedar, pack up a lunch, bring a few friends and get ready for a taste of Malibu in Utah. 

The Utah Shakespeare Festival Green Show

Known as Festival City, Cedar does not skimp on the number of summer festivities to attend. The most popular of these is the Utah Shakespeare Festival, which produces a number of Shakespeare and non-Shakespeare plays in their infamous outdoor Engelstad Theater.

For students who might not be able to afford to see a play, the festival also produces a 40-minute outdoor green show. The performance is free to all audience members, although there’s always the opportunity to purchase one of the festival’s tarts, which are a fan favorite.

Featuring singing, dancing and plenty of silliness, The Green Show makes the perfect show for a sunset picnic. 

Tiki Shack

If there’s one way to summarize summer as a kid, it’s two words: snow cones. 

Fortunately for Cedar City residents, there’s Tiki Shack. The snowcone shop is located in the Lin’s Groceries’ parking lot and features a variety of sugar-filled flavors to pour over a perfectly crunchy ice base. 

To make it a more gourmet experience, customers can add toppings such as ice cream, whipped cream or chocolate syrup. The shop also displays a list of local favorites, making it easier to call Cedar City home. 

Hiking the C Trail

One of the biggest perks of living in Cedar City is the opportunity for an outdoor adventure in the beauty of southern Utah. While Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon can be nice, there’s a strenuous, rewarding hike just minutes away from residents. 

The C Trail is a 7.3 mi hike that visitors can do top to bottom or bottom to top. When hiking from the bottom, the hike ends at the popular “C” overlook, which provides a view of Cedar City and borders Dixie National Forest. 

The hike is considered to be difficult as it is long and steep, but the surrounding wildflowers and views of the city are unforgettable. For an even harder yet breath-taking experience, try hiking early (really early) in the morning to catch a summer sunrise.

Although a relaxing summer break feels far away right now, things will become normal again. And when it does, swimming in the lake with a fresh snow cone after an exhausting hike will be the perfect way to celebrate.


Story by: Amanda Walton
Photos Courtesy of thespectrum.com