The Great Indoors

Ah, camping. There’s nothing like the stinging warmth from a fire that’s burning marshmallows under the pitch black of the night sky. But hidden beneath the outdoor charm is the bugs in sleeping bags, the seemingly permanent scent of smoke on every pair of pants that was brought and, of course, pooping in a hole. 

It’s safe to say that camping isn’t for everyone. 

For those who crave the camping experience without having to experience the outdoors, there is hope. Two words: indoor camping. Here’s how to experience the outside world without ever leaving the living room. 

  • Create a bubble to spend the night in that separates you from the rest of your home. Whether you have an actual tent that will fit inside, or you need to make one out of blankets, pillows and clothespins, try making something new and unfamiliar enough that transports you.


  • One of the greatest parts of camping is the special “camping food.” Fortunately, all of that can be recreated in the kitchen, and with much more ease. Try roasting a marshmallow over your stove or baking a brownie in an orange. You might not have a roaring fire to heat everything up, but you also won’t have dirt in your dessert. 


  • Pack a guitar and songbook for some singing ‘round the virtual campfire. A personal favorite is “The Campfire Song Song” by Spongebob Squarepants. To create a fire, there are a number of Youtube videos to choose from which will look lovely on a laptop or television.


  • For a spookier evening, bring a couple of editions of “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” by Alvin Schwartz to read with friends. Make sure to turn out the house lights, read in a deep voice and be prepared to lose a little bit of sleep. 


  • Finally, when the night is winding to a close, get cozy under a mountain of blankets and look at the glow in the dark stars stuck onto the roof of your tent. Giggle late into the night and appreciate the great indoors.


Story by: Amanda Walton
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