Taking a Shot at Death: SUU Stuntmen

Southern Utah University sophomores Burgess Milner and Tyler Jordan have always enjoyed getting shot. 

The childhood best friends have been practicing parkour and pro wrestling since they can remember, which has recently landed them roles as stuntmen in an upcoming film, “Royal’s Revenge.” 

Directed by Chris Sheffield, the independent western was filmed over the course of four days in Chandler, AZ. After being discovered through videos on their personal Instagram accounts, the two SUU students were assessed and offered the job. 

Although they were raised on stunt work, they weren’t sure what to expect on set. 

“It was really cool seeing how movies work. It’s not what I expected. They filmed everything out of order, so we both died on the first day,” Milner said. 

During filming, Milner and Jordan did everything from waiting around for hours on end to being yanked backwards into the air, simulating a gunshot. 

Although neither of them actually sustained any injuries, the process was intense, and often painful. 

“There’s no training or protection, it’s just straight up dirt. We would get shot and just have to fly backwards on the street,” Jordan recounts. 

However, the two of them quickly loved being on set, mostly due to the talented and kind people they connected with. Both have become friends with the director of the film, as well as fellow cast mates. 

“It was a lot of sitting around, but I wasn’t bored once,” Milner said. 

Moving forward, the SUU students plan to do more stunt work in the future, including joining the Screen Actors Guild, which will help establish a professional status in the workplace. Jordan also hopes to continue a career in professional wrestling. 

Most importantly, the best friends hope to continue doing what they love for the rest of their lives together.  

“It doesn’t feel like a job, it’s just literally what I do for fun,” Milner concluded. 

“Royal’s Revenge” is expected to be released on Youtube in the next few months. For more information about Milner and Jordan, as well as their work as stuntmen, follow their instagram accounts @burgessbadass and @tylerjordan26.


Story by: Amanda Walton
Photos Courtesy of Burgess Milner and Tyler Jordan