SUU Student Balances Passion for Accounting and Art

Andrew Lee, a junior at Southern Utah University has a unique passion for two very opposite subjects. A double major in both illustration and accounting, Lee isn’t your typical art student.

In high school, Lee wasn’t heavily involved with the arts but did take an accounting class. He mainly participated in sports but said that he did draw. 

Although his parents are musically inclined, he didn’t pick up his art talent from them. However, they were the ones that encouraged him to take an art class in college.

“I started out just as an accounting major. I took Drawing 1 with Professor Randall Cabe and I just kept taking classes after that,” Lee explained. 

Lee is not only a committed double major, but also the co-president of SUU’s Illustration club with President Chloe Tate. 

He is busy taking five studio classes for his art major, which means Lee has about five art projects that he is currently working on as well.

Lee’s dream job is to find a career that focuses on environment design or landscape design. His work mostly consists of landscapes, and Lee enjoys both digital and oil mediums. 

His 36×18 oil painting was accepted into the Illustration 58 show in Los Angeles. Lee’s work has also been exhibited in the Southern Utah Museum of Art Day of the Dead show both this year and last year. 

The art student has art work currently submitted to Southern Utah University’s literary magazine, the Kolob Canyon Review

Lee is aware that his passion for both accounting and art isn’t something that many people can relate to. 

“I just love both. I love the creativity of art and developing something, but I’ve also always loved business and I like the number side of things too,” Lee explained.

Although it is a rare thing to love such opposite subjects, Lee hopes that it will give him more opportunities in the future as he looks for a career. 

For more information on Lee and his work, follow his Instagram page @andrewleexc. For questions regarding his art work or in regards to illustration club, email Lee here.


Story by: Elizabeth Armstrong
Photos by: Andrew Lee