Utah Painter Brian Kershisnik Coming to SUU

On Thursday, Feb. 6 at 7 p.m. Brian Kershisnik, a well-known painter from Provo, UT, will present at SUU’s Art Insights.  

Kershisnik’s art is featured in museums throughout Utah as well as at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Conference Center. In addition, he presents his work in temporary exhibits in Provo, UT throughout the year.

A fan of art himself, Kershisnik collects pieces from other artists. According to his website, he does this because of his love for art and desire to be surrounded by it, regardless if it is a piece by a famous painter or a drawing by one of his kids.  

Kershisnik’s event at SUU is not only for art majors, but is open to anyone who wants to come and view his work. His pieces are filled with both religious and personal messages that all fans of art may enjoy.

This event can also provide inspiration to other artists. An accomplished painter, Kershisnik can inspire others through his unique perspective and style.

To learn more about Kershisnik and view some of his artwork, visit his website. There, you can also find information about what museums display his work and when. Kershisnik is also going to be hosting events throughout February that can be found here, such as his annual solo show “Heroes and Immortals.” 

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Story by: Jonathan Valdez

Photos by: Brian Kershisnik