SUU Music Students Play Beethoven and Handel

On Friday, Jan. 31 in the Thorley Musical Recital Hall, the SUU Department of Music hosted a student recital as part of a series that will continue throughout Feb.  With the music the performers had to offer, the audience seemed to enjoy each performance.

With a large audience of students, faculty and parents, this event provided entertainment for a variety of people. The recital featured strong performers and soothing classical music.

Freshman Tralei Casaus, a chemistry major with a minor in music, had positive comments to say about the recital.  While she originally attended the event because it was required for class, she shared that she genuinely enjoyed the performances.

“I thought the recital was very well played.  A lot of Beethoven and Handel was played… which was good, I really liked it,” Casaus said.

Kassandra Cox-Ortega, a junior exercise science major, also praised the recital.

 “The recital was great. I overheard someone talking about it and decided to stop by. I enjoyed the music as a first timer at one of these events. I might have to come back for another one later this month,” Cox-Ortega said. 

Both Casaus and Cox-Ortega said they are planning to attend another recital in this series. 

The music department will host these events Friday at noon throughout the month of Feb. The recitals will feature different music styles and performances. For more information about the upcoming recitals, visit SUU’s calendar of events here


Story by: Jonathan Valdez
Photos by: Jonathan Valdez