When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? The Grammy’s

On Sunday, Jan. 26 a single room held the world’s greatest contemporary musical artists of the year. But amongst artists such as Lizzo, John Legend and Beyoncé, an 18-year-old girl from Los Angeles not only took the spotlight, but made history. Billie Eilish dominated the 2020 Grammy’s and deserves every single moment of it. 

Billie Eilish O’Connell and her brother, Finneas O’Connell collectively won 10 Grammy awards, which they struggled to carry with two hands. Eilish conquered the four major categories of the award show, including Album of the Year, Song of the Year, Record of the Year and Best New Artist, as well as Best Pop Vocal Album. Eilish is not only the second person to claim this victory, but most significantly, the first woman. 

While several female artists were nominated in competition with Eilish, none scolded the teenager for her accomplishments. While accepting the award for Album of the Year, Eilish declared how unworthy she felt to win over other talented, big-name celebrities. 

“Please sit down,” Eilish said while shushing the audience. “Can I just say that I think Ariana deserves this? ‘Thank U, Next’ got me through some s–t and I think it deserves more than anything in the world, I love you so much.” 

This was followed by “Thank U, Next” singer, Ariana Grande shaking her head, blowing a kiss and mouthing “Take your moment” from the crowd, encouraging Eilish to keep going. Women support women.

Eilish and her 22-year-old brother were raised making music together. In a recent interview with talk show host James Corden, Eilish talked about a number one rule in their house: no going to bed if music was being made.

If we were playing piano, playing the guitar, playing the ukulele [we didn’t have to go to bed],” she said. 

Eilish and O’Connell’s parents kept their vow and the siblings’ passion for music was poured out into the masterpiece of an album, “WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?” The avant–pop, now multi-award-winning album was produced right there, in O’Connell’s small bedroom. 

Eilish and O’Connell’s young age played no part in restricting content for their music. The album oozes themes of depression, suicide, drug addiction and heartbreak. The two also recently produced the single, “All I Ever Wanted,” which highlights the importance of their close relationship with each other. 

While Eilish has continually been criticized for her baggy clothes, neon green hair and dark music videos, she is doing something most are too afraid to: telling the truth. But Eilish doesn’t just tell it–she explains her raw self and thoughts through passionate and beautiful art. 

Billie Eilish is one voice that sings for several. 

While standing under the spotlight, speaking to a crowd of revolutionary musicians, Eilish and O’Connell accept their award for Song of the Year. Besides O’Connell’s list of loved ones and team members to thank, he reflects on making the art that got him there. 

“We just make music in a bedroom together, we still do that. This is to all of the kids who are making music in their bedroom today: you’re gonna get one of these.” 

He holds his Grammy and hugs his sister. 


Story by: Amanda Walton
Photos courtesy of Billboard.com, elle.com and insider.com