From SUU to the Olympics

Southern Utah University alumna Katie Clifford spoke to SUU’s School of Business on Nov. 19. 

Since attending SUU, Clifford has helped with three Olympic Games and worked across the United States for NorthFace, Puma and several start-up companies.  She currently works as the marketing manager at OC Tanner Company.

Clifford shared how she gained success by networking during her time at SUU. Clifford discussed how gaining an education through SUU has helped her gain the skills needed for her career.

While crediting her education as an important part of her success, Clifford emphasized being reliable and being a problem solver.

“I don’t want anyone who says the word impossible,” Clifford stated.

Clifford also discussed the importance of genuine human connection. She talked about how she has gained experiences in her life because of the people she has in it. 

She continued by stating how it’s important to reach out to those we care for when they are in need by talking about her friends’ support when wanting to do something special for her nephew with cancer.

Clifford said, “I didn’t ask for that chance, but since they cared about me and my family, they reached out in a time of need.”

Even with her success, Clifford admitted that her path may not be for everyone while encouraging SUU students to seek the right field for them..

Clifford closed with questions from students who wanted to get where she is or wanted advice on how to grow companies they are starting themselves.

Story and Photos by: Cairo Cook