SUUSA Presents: Meet Your Student Representatives

SUU students had the opportunity to mingle with their student leaders at SUUSA’s Meet Your Student Representative event on Thursday, Nov. 7. 

In the Student Involvement and Leadership Office, Student Representatives offered food and fun for the student body to enjoy. Jimmy John’s sandwiches, chips and sodas were available for students to consume during the event with chairs and games to partake in. 

Samuel Stewart, the Senator for SUU’s College of Science and Engineering, took it upon himself to lead games of Kahoot with students and SUUSA members in attendance. With fall arriving, the games were themed with questions about Thanksgiving, autumn and harvests.

SUUSA hosts the Meet Your Student Representative events to connect the student body with those who speak on their behalf on school issues. Stewart explains his role is to make the experience at SUU the best that it can be. 

“I serve on the Student Life Enhancement Committee,” said Stewart. “We see ways we can help students enjoy their life on campus a little bit better. We try to look at things we could help them with academically and with activities, things we can do to get people excited about being here at SUU and really enjoy their time.”

As well as the social aspect of the gathering, SUUSA offers surveys to students to help enrich the time spent at SUU. 

Every time we have one of these, we have a survey going on that asks people questions so they can actually express some of their opinions and voice on certain topics,” said Stewart. “[For this event] we had a survey about the resources that are on campus and how aware people are of those resources… They help us a lot to see where people are at and see what people know and what we can help them understand so they can have a good life here at SUU.”

SUUSA members like Samuel Stewart are available to meet beyond the designated events offered to students. 

“Even though we have events like this where you can come meet us, really you can come meet us anytime… You can come by and visit with us and talk with us if you want your voice to be heard a little bit more, because we can make some of those changes happen for the school.”

For more information about SUUSA, visit them in ST 177, at their website or follow @suusatbirds on Instagram.

Story by Thomas D’Anella
Photo Courtesy of Thomas D’Anella