SUU’s Scream vs. Dixie’s Chaos

Sweaty, shirtless, college boys dressed as construction workers, loud rambunctious music, flashing colored lights and the excuse to dress up as whoever you want in the whole world. What more could you ask for?

So we all spent hours (or minutes, depending if you’re a girl or boy) getting ready for one of the most looked-forward-to nights of the fall season: The Scream. 

A few nights later, many of us did the same thing again. The difference? A 40 minute drive to St. George to attend their dance, Chaos, and maybe a quick change of costume and new date. 

Hosted by the Student Programming Board, The Scream took hours of planning. Including intricate decorations following the theme of the scary movie, “IT,” the statue in the student center was even decked out in a yellow rain jacket- an iconic symbol from the movie. 

Including food, a fun house, spooky alley, carnival games, photo booths, airbrush tattoos and DJ Marcus Wing, the night held more options than just getting down on the dance floor. 

Chaos, on the other hand, held their dance in a smaller area that filled up fast and became hot and humid with sweat. I’ll admit, I got thrown around and shoved by my fellow dancers a lot more in St. George, which could be a pro or a con, depending on how much you like sweaty people running into you.

Their dance also included decorations and countless hours of planning. The only other activities I could find? Well, they did have a haunted house with a line stretching almost out the door and a photo area with a massive real-life snake and professional photographer. 

SUU did much better with the activities that didn’t include dancing, and it provided a lot more opportunities for those who don’t necessarily love the dance scene. It was clear that the Scream was planned better.

Don’t hate me, but Dixie killed the dancing aspect. I might even go as far as to say that they did that better. Maybe it’s because we were all packed in like overheated sardines, but everyone was dancing. Chaos was, well. . . chaotic in the best way. How fitting, right? 

Start planning your Halloween costumes for next year, both dances are sure to offer you a night you won’t forget. 

If you’re looking for an event that is put-together and offers a variety of activities, as well as a dance area you can actually breathe in, the Scream is for you. If dancing the whole night in a whirlwind of music and excitement is your vibe, Chaos may be more up your alley. If you’re like me, you won’t miss either. 


Story by: Elizabeth Armstrong