Registration FAQ’s

What day do I register?
Senior (90+ Credits) – Nov. 5
Juniors (60-89 Credits) – Nov. 7
Sophomores (30-59 Credits) – Nov. 11
Freshman (0-29 Credits) – Nov. 13

What time does registration open?
On a students’ designated day, online registration opens at 8 a.m. Students who register late will have limited access for classes, and most likely be put on a waiting list.

How do I register?
Log into “MySUU” portal
Click on the ‘“Registration” link (top left sidebar)
Click “Register for Classes”
Click on the drop-down menu and select “Spring 2020”
Search for classes by searching for “CRN Number”, “Subject”, “Course Number”, “Keyword” or “Part of Term”

Who can help me with registration? 
Academic Advisors are a great resource to help students register. They can help students set up a plan to help them meet graduation qualifications. They are located in the second floor of the Student Center (ST 204). 

The ACES located in The Nest (ST 178) are another resource on campus to help students with any registration questions or concerns. ACES can help plan out a students schedule before their designated registration time, so that students can get to get the classes they want and need.

For more questions stop by the Nest or click here to make an appointment with an Academic Advisor.

Story By: Moriah Spainhower
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