Taking a Big Look at Tiny Art

The Southern Utah Museum of Art has shifted scale from Al Farrow’s large sculpture pieces to focusing on artwork that is much smaller in size. They are currently hosting “A Very Big Tiny Art Show” with pieces from a variety of artists in the entrance of the museum. 

This exhibit is running between Sept. 27 to Oct. 19 and features varying style and media of art.  The commonality of these pieces is their size, with all artwork featured in the show being 3-by-3 inches or smaller.

The exhibit is a collaboration between SUMA and the Tiny Art Show, based in Provo, UT.

“The exhibit illustrates how artists can manipulate and effect how their art is exhibited,” said SUU student and illustration major Emma Clove. “By changing the way the work is presented [the artists] change the mood of the piece.” 

The show features 26 artists from Utah. Because of the small scale and how the exhibit is presented, it encourages museum visitors to crouch down and take a microscopic look at the pieces. 

With the aid of magnifying glasses, flashlights, and small programs visitors are able to experience the exhibit on a tiny scale, which allows museum goers to analyze each exhibit and how it uses the small space.

“It’s really fascinating seeing how intricate the art is,” said Benson Tippets, an SUU junior computer science major. “It’s crazy that they can fit so much detail into a small canvas and make it look so realistic,” 

Although the main gallery of the museum is closed from Oct. 6-12 in anticipation for SUMA’s next exhibit, “Compendium,” the front entrance of the museum will be open to guests to explore and view “A Very Big Tiny Art Show.”

For more information about the Tiny Art Show, visit their Instagram, and to learn more about SUMA’s upcoming exhibit, click here.

Story and Photos by: Alex Greenwell