SUU Student Government Makes Changes to Their Constitution for First Time in Years

The student government at SUU has a strict constitution which they have abided by for years. However, on Oct. 8, 2019, in the weekly senate meeting, changes finally began as they met in the Sterling Church Auditorium at 11:30 a.m.

After discussion, the decision was made to open a new branch of government: a judicial branch. With this judicial branch, there will be more positions on the senate board, including a Chief of Justice and Associate Justices. The student government is also striving to make the constitution more gender neutral in language as it is important for the equality of students.

Further changes were made with the student body president, Jeff Carr, who will now chair the Student Life Enhancement Committee. Moving forward, the student holding the title of VP of Academics will only chair the academic senate.

The final change made this week was in the Executive Council, which will no longer have a vote in the senate, but will still sit as part of the senate.

Student leaders who sit on the senate as part of SUUSA appreciate the opportunity of having a voice in the enhancement of student life here at SUU. 


“We always plan ahead so that we know what we should expect, so we are ready for what is to come,” said Maile Pratt, housing representative and clubs director in SUUSA. “My favorite part of senate is hearing about the new things each week. I love knowing the people that are behind everything. There is so much more to student life than just us as student government. All of the programs are helping too.”

SUUSA is making plans to incorporate these constitution changes in the coming months. Any and all changes pertaining to this document are intended for the benefit of campus life for students.

The weekly senate meetings are live streamed from the SUUSA Facebook page.

Story by: Kylee Shaffer
Photo courtesy of: Hunter Bogar