SUU’s Annual Homecoming Parade Unites Community

SUU’s annual homecoming parade was held Saturday, Sept. 28 on Cedar City’s main street, celebrating the diversity and culture of the Cedar City community. 

This event showcased different SUU and Cedar City high school organizations, bringing students and community members together for a family friendly experience.

During the event, each SUU club in the parade presented their uniquely decorated floats. Excited children lined up, trying to get as close as possible in hopes of catching the candy being thrown into the streets.

Some of the floats even encouraged further participation. The basketball team handed out balls and encouraged people to make free throws, while the SUU cheer team led popular cheers amongst the crowd.

“I had so much fun participating in the homecoming parade this year,” said Jayden Crowther, SUU marketing student and SPB member. “It was such a great way to interact with Cedar City community members and other SUU organizations. I already can’t wait for next year.”

If you want to know how to be in next year’s homecoming parade or want to know more about the different clubs SUU has to offer, contact the SUUSA offices here


Story by: Grace Conley
Photos by: Mitchell Quartz