Alien Movies to Watch Instead of Raiding Area 51

Starting as a joke on Facebook, the “Storm Area 51” event has been received with millions of people planning to raid the top secret government base in search of the secrets that lie within. More specifically: aliens. 

If you’re like me, you really care about this event and the memes that surround it, but not enough to actually drive to Nevada to possibly be arrested. To help you get your extraterrestrial fix, here’s a list of the best alien-inspired movies to watch the night of Sept. 20:

“Alien” (1979)
In search of something a little more classic, yet also ahead of its time? “Alien” centers around the crew of a spaceship that becomes infested by chest-ripping alien life. Seriously, even if you don’t want to watch the movie, that scene is worth the whole two hours. Starring Sigourney Weaver as an alien-killing space officer, the film also promotes some awesome female characters who are sure to inspire and kick butt. Gather your alien-obsessed friends for a staple film in the horror genre.

“Signs” (2002)
Okay, listen: M. Night Shyamalan might be disliked by cinephiles, but his older work is fantastic, including this spooky, yet meaningful film. Starring Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix (do you even need more information?), the film takes place on a family’s farm that has been infested by mysterious crop circles and unwanted late night visitors. Expect a lot of fun jump scares, scary Mexican aliens and an a-la-Shyamalan plot twist. Experience the terror of an alien invasion without the whole being arrested by the federal government thing. 

“Muppets from Space” (1999)
If you’re a fan of the Muppets, you’ve probably wondered what the heck kind of animal Gonzo is. In “Muppets from Space,” he has the same pressing question. When he begins to notice strange messages in his alphabet soup, Gonzo heads on a mission to find out where exactly he comes from. Join Kermit and the gang to uncover his origins, as well as save friends from the government bad guys. It’s almost like the Muppets go to the Area 51 Raid for you.

“Annihilation” (2018)
Although technically not involving the stereotypical alien, this critically acclaimed film explores the idea of entering unfamiliar territory, only to be met with horror and disaster. Starring the ultimate girl gang, some of which include Natalie Portman and Gina Rodriguez, a group of scientists venture into a foreign barrier that is slowly absorbing the world. As they encounter horrifying monsters, a seriously disgusting videotape of the scientists before them and some mind-bending light houses, the superwomen begin to face the fact that they might not make it out alive. You might need to take some Xanax before buckling down for this one, but at least you’ll be in the comfort of your home instead of the mean streets of Area 51. 

While the University Journal does not encourage or disapprove those attending the raid, I definitely suggest getting your supernatural fix through these movies before risking your life. Just a thought.


Story by: Amanda Walton
Photos courtesy of Google and Unsplash