Halversen Strings Festival Concert

The Department of Music at SUU hosted the Second Annual Roy Halversen Strings Festival Concert on Tuesday, April 16, 2019, at 7:30 p.m. in Thorley Recital Hall of the SUU Music Building. This recital was free and opened to the public.

First, Dr. Lawrence Johnson, the chair of Music Department made the preliminary remarks. He introduced Roy Lemon Halversen to audiences. Roy Lemon Halversen is one of the founders of the SUU Music Department and a professor who was a beloved teacher at Southern Utah University and in the community of Cedar City.

This concert has a total of six programs. Mainly played by violin, viola and cello. Before each program started, the performer would introduce the program accordingly.

The first program was Prelude in G Minor, op. 23, no. 5 which played by SUU String Ensemble and SUU Halversen String Quartet. It had a total of four violins, four violas and two cellos. This is a program of the most performers tonight.

The fourth program is by Dr. Christian Bohnenstengel and Dr. Xun Sun. They played a piece which name is The Song of Homesickness. This is a Chinese piece by composer Sicong Ma.

An international student from China said that although there are not many audiences in today’s rainy days, she can feel that every audience is very invested. Today’s concert is really a very enjoyable concert. The Song of Homesickness made her feel like she missed her hometown and missed her loved ones. She could feel the feelings that Dr. Xun Sun put into playing the violin.


Story by: Jie Fu
Photo by: Jie Fu