Stranger Things Season Three Trailer Released

March 20th brought an exciting surprise for fans of the Netflix original, Stranger Things, with the release of a trailer for its upcoming third season. To say it looks “totally tubular”, in the words of Dustin, would be an understatement. If it’s anything like last season, we’re in for another binge-worthy hit. According to Variety, Stranger Things season two had a whopping 15 million viewers on the first episode.

The third season will premiere on July 4th, 2019, taking place in Hawkins, Indiana, during the summer of 1985. According to the new trailer, the gang of “Dungeons and Dragons”-obsessed teens, and their telepathic sidekick are back to explore the newly constructed Starcourt Mall, hang out with Steve at his new job, and of course, battle some Demogorgons. The trailer also hints at possible romances, girl time with Max and Eleven, and maybe even some new villains. And, of course, the 80s vibe is still thriving. Neon lights, big hair, and a tribute to The Who, are all playing a part in sucking us back into Hawkins and the Upside Down. But until the Fourth of July, fans will have to patiently watch the trailer on repeat. Fortunately, as Eleven would say, it’s pretty “bitchin’”.


Story by: Amanda Walton