Predicting the Oscars: Best Picture

January 22 brought an exciting announcement for film buffs around the world. The nominations for the 2019 Oscars were announced, leaving many to discuss predictions of what will win the biggest category: Best Picture.

The nominations include A Star is Born, Black Panther, BlackkKlansman, Bohemian Rhapsody, The Favourite, Green Book, Roma and Vice.

Based off box office revenue, Black Panther drastically leads with 1.3 billion dollars, leaving Roma in last place, only making 3.3 million dollars due to its release on Netflix. Based on ratings from Rotten Tomatoes, Black Panther also takes the lead with a rating of 97%, while Bohemian Rhapsody sits in last place with 62%. According to Entertainment Weekly, the top three contenders include Roma, The Favourite, and A Star is Born, all of which sit above 90% on the Tomatometer.

Given this information, what do SUU students predict to take home the big prize this year?

Based on a poll done in COMM 4760, a video production class taught at SUU by Dr. Jon Smith, film students predict Bohemian Rhapsody to win, although Roma came in a very close second.

Sophie Reese, a student in the class, said, “I think Roma is going to win because the Oscars this year seem to be increasingly controversial…It would be a statement in this political climate, especially to the Trump administration, and the country in general, to have a film about Mexican workers win. It’s also a beautifully filmed movie that is experimental in the way that it is filmed in black and white, and has a deeper message.”

So what will be the long awaited outcome?

Viewers and cinephiles will have to wait until the evening of February 24th to find out.

Story by: Amanda Walton