Letter to the Editor: Lack of Film Diversity in Cedar

I would like to address the issue of the lack of diversity in the films shown in Cedar City.

Growing up in Salt Lake City, I had access to several movie theaters, many of which showed a variety of films. I became very fond of one theater in particular: The Broadway. This theater is run by Salt Lake Film Society, which is a company dedicated to independent film. Most of the movies shown at The Broadway were not available at any other theaters because they were not produced by mainstream companies.

When I discovered Salt Lake Film Society, I immediately fell in love. That organization has brought cinephiles together to form a community of film lovers. More importantly, the films shown are not only some of the best that I have seen but some of the most important.

I have been able to see films from around the world, directed by men and women who have important stories to tell. I have seen documentaries on a ride range of subjects, including tickling fetishes and the forbidden love story between an Indian man and an American woman. My point is that several of the perspectives and ideas I have gained about the world have come from independent film, which I hope to someday be able to contribute to and share with others.

However, this proves rather difficult living in Cedar City.

We have two movie theaters: a Megaplex and Fiddlers Fun Center, both of which solely play mainstream films. While there is nothing inherently wrong with these films, I know that there is a growing population of students and residents who would like to have a greater diversity in the films shown, rather than whatever is most popular and making the most money.

It is so important for individuals to feel represented and understood on screen, and independent film is the key to obtaining that goal. Hopefully within the next semester, Southern Utah University will be able to contribute by hosting film screenings and special events for students to learn about a whole new world of film.

Submitted by: Amanda Walton, SUU Student
Photo by: Jakob Owens on Unsplash.com