Hallmark Movies as a Not-so-Guilty Pleasure

The time of Christmas and the Hallmark channel’s annual “25 Days of Christmas” are behind us. Many people have come to the realization that Hallmark movies are incredibly cheesy. No, this is not a new realization, simply an easily apparent one.

What might be news to you is that Hallmark puts out movies themed around every holiday and season. And yes, I do watch them all year round.

While it is true that 95% of the stories follow practically the same plot line, Hallmark has invented far more princes than this world could ever graciously handle. One has to respect their brand.

Hallmark has made its name on wholesome storylines and romance. But men, a guy who says he will watch Hallmark with their girl is a man who has cracked the code of the female mind and greatly improved his chances of a happy relationship. Simply by offering, a girl will automatically see you as a more empathetic person and a more viable and emotionally healthy person.

I am a diehard Hallmark fan. I recognize the trite plots and predictable endings. However, it is genuinely nice to watch something that leaves you with a happy glow, especially as a chronically stressed and permanently exhausted college student.

When I get too stressed with school, I turn on the Hallmark channel while I do my homework. It’s rarely distracting because you can almost always guess the ending so it doesn’t matter if you’re not giving it your full attention.

So that is my Senior student protip to you: take the edge off and let yourself enjoy something simple and totally cheesy.


Story by: Alexis J. Taylor
Photo by: Timothy Eberly on Unsplash.com