A Monster Christmas Concert for All

Tuesday Nov. 28 was the annual Piano Monster Concert at the Heritage Theater. The concert brought pianists from all over Cedar City together to play holiday music to get the town into the Christmas spirit.

The stage was crowded with ten pianos so that multiple players could all perform together. The event brought together students and teachers alike into one concert to perform for their friends and family.

The most experienced pianists played to welcome everyone who came to the event. After the intro, they moved through the stages the students are in, starting with the beginners. The students played in harmony songs such as Jingle Bell Rock or Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer.

“I have played in this concert since I was nine,” Ethan Wimmer, age 12 says, “It is kind of a tradition. Something that tells my family that it is time to start getting excited for Christmas.”

After each section that the students performed, the director of the next session would get up and give information about how they were able to put that particular piece together and how the students acted while practicing.

The SUU Music Department has more events like this coming up including the Jazz Ensemble Concert on November 30 st 7:30 and Roberto Gomez- Sr. Violin Recital On December 1.

For more information on Southern Utah University’s music program go to www.suu.edu/music

Story by: Cairo Cook
Photo by: Cairo Cook