SUU Hockey Club Takes to the Ice

The SUU Hockey Club played their first game of the season Monday against Cedar City team, Cedar Bowl. SUU came out on top with a winning score of 4 to 2.

SUU scored the first goal of the period, and finished strong after a 2 on 4 power play.

Around 50 SUU students and fans cheered and blared air horns as the two teams faced off in an intense game on the ice.

Hockey is a fast paced, constantly moving game. Fights break out, players are put in penalty boxes, and gloves go flying!

This was my first hockey game experience and I absolutely loved it. I found myself caught up with the chanting with those around me that I completely forgot how frozen my feet felt.  I was not bored for one second!

Although the club was officially founded in the spring of 2015, it competed for the first time in 2017.

Through some funding from SUUSA and a deal with gear company, Bring Hockey Back, the team was able to get matching jerseys and socks, giving them a more cohesive and professional look on the ice.

To stay up to date on all SUU hockey news this season, follow them on  Instagram  and support the team by purchasing a SUU hockey sweater here. The 2018-2019 schedule will be posted soon.

Story and by: Cassidy Jasperson