Close to Campus: Meadow Hot Springs

Now that the temperatures have begun to drop, many students might be looking for a place to warm up. The natural hot springs in Meadow are a refreshing retreat from the bitter wind in Cedar City.

Located a few miles outside of Fillmore, the spring consists of three naturally heated pools. The three springs average about 20 feet in depth with a shallow perimeter to sit and enjoy the warmth. The water is clean and crystal clear from the purifying process of rapid river movement.

The first pool is the largest and warmest, reaching over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The other two springs, connected by a gravel path, average 80 degrees each. These pools are slightly smaller with less shallow areas but are still enjoyable.

Visiting the ponds late at night has become a popular activity for college students. Bringing glow-sticks or lights to place in the water is a fun way to enhance the evenings. With winter quickly approaching, the first spring is an optimal choice for warmth but the second two are pleasant in the day time.

Multiple fire pits and clearings are near the pools, allowing for overnight camping or bonfires.

These hot springs are located on private property. Though the owner welcomes anyone to take a dip, visitors should be considerate of the land. The “Leave No Trace” policy should be followed, meaning individuals have the responsibility to keep the area cleaner than how they found it.

So how do you find these hidden treasures?

Take the Meadow exit 158 northbound on I-15. Turn left at the first stop sign and continue under the freeway. Drivers will pass a Chevron station on the right and keep heading south. After passing the last buildings on the left, turn right down a well maintained dirt road. This path will cross a bridge over the freeway. Continue on the road heading west until you reach a marked fence. The first large spring is about 100 yards from the parking area.

The trailhead is accessible year round and is free to the public.

Story By: Ansleigh Mikesell
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