SUU Honor Students Give Back

On Saturday, November 17th, the Southern Utah University Honors Program presented its annual service activity, SUU Honors You.

For the event 21 underprivileged 4th graders came to SUU campus and participated in a day of workshops and free food. These activities excited the students about learning and the day ended with a “graduation” ceremony.

“We want to help build college-going confidence in the 4th graders,” said Jayci Bash, the SUU Honors Program director. “We also want to help the Honors Program students connect with a community that’s not SUU; to break that bubble around campus, so that they can create an understanding of cultures and communities that are different than what they’re used to.”

Each child was told they were a “superhero” for the day, and assigned an Honors student as their “sidekick.”

“It’s cool to interact with them and lead them on this journey,” said Jamison Murray, a freshman studying Pre-Chemistry from Paso Robles, California. “I loved watching them experience new things.”

The event was free for the children and their families and was supported by different fundraising activities put on by the Honors Program, as well as individual efforts of the students.

“I highly recommend joining,” said Murray. “I like being in a group of kids who are really passionate about their education. It really helps you think outside the box.”

The Honors Program is currently accepting applications for the new year. Interested students can apply here.

Story by: Treyson Lyon
Photos by: Treyson Lyon