Happy Stranger Things Day!

On November 6, 1983, Will Byers went missing from the “Stranger Things” World. To commemorate the anniversary of the day it all began, Netflix released a video on Twitter announcing Stranger Things Day.

The fan holiday will get viewers hyped for the much anticipated season three of “Stranger Things” which will feature a returning cast: Winona Ryder as Joyce Byers and Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven for example.

Though no plot element or specific date has been released for season three of the popular nostalgic sci-fi drama, it is rumored it won’t premiere until summer 2019.

This season they just came up with this arc and this idea that’s so original and so new and so fun,” David Harbour, the actor portraying Chief Hopper in the show, told told E! News concerning season three. “What I can tell you is this: like you see in season one you see in season two and we’re playing with the same alphabet of these ’80s epics, but we’re kinda throwing out the model again and sort of expanding these characters in ways that you wouldn’t expect them to go in.”

Though season three won’t be released for a while, fans can commemorate Stranger Things Day by watching the Netflix original and eating some Eggo’s in true Eleven fashion.


Story by: Cassidy Jasperson
Photo by Thibault Penin on Unsplash