Art Insights: Salvador Jiménez-Flores

On Thursday, Oct. 4, the SUU College of Performing and Visual Arts, in connection with SUMA (the Southern Utah Museum of Art), presented its latest guest speaker as part of the Art Insights series.

This event’s guest was Mexican-American modern artist, Salvador Jiménez-Flores.

Jiménez-Flores was born in Jalisco, México, and lived there until his parents decided that they could find better work and make a better living for their family in the United States.

Most of Jiménez-Flores’ work is based around the idea of his dual-citizenship, also exploring various themes and current political issues and attempting to encourage social change.

“I am one, in two worlds,” explained Jiménez-Flores, “Everywhere I live, I am a foreigner…The content of my work is socio-political and is driven by my life experiences. I aim to explore ‘Division in History,’ with the idea that we don’t repeat the bad side of history. For me, it has been important to analyze these historic events. History helps us find our place in the earth… (I) try to understand: What does it mean to be human?”

Jiménez-Flores’ work has spanned through many different mediums; from drawing to woodwork, and from painting to ceramics. However, he originally got his start in graphic design and digital media, with a degree from the Robert Morris University in Chicago, IL.

Currently, Jiménez-Flores works as an Assistant Professor in ceramics at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, while also still working on his own personal projects.

“I enjoy teaching,” said Jiménez-Flores, “I enjoy working with the community, and I enjoy making my own art.”

When asked what advice he would give to aspiring artists, Jiménez-Flores said that “if you are wanting to go down this route, you have to develop a thick skin. You don’t have to do everything you’re told to do, (but) start editing your art until it is something authentic.”

The Art Insights series offers seminars taught by professional artists, curators, and critics. The next event is scheduled for Oct. 18th at 7:00 pm, with professional photographer David Ziegler-Voll as the guest speaker.

“The purpose of Art Insights is for students to see other perspectives,” shared Russell Wrankle, Assistant Professor of Art at SUU, and one of the main organizers of the series, “Everyone’s story is different. Everyone has their own path.”

Miranda Call, a Sophomore majoring in Communication, from Willard, Utah, is a regular attendant of the Art Insights series.

“I like that it gives you the opportunity to meet a variety of artists and their applications with art,” said Call, “It shows you the possibilities available with art futures.”

Students interested in the Art Insights series can find out more at the College of Performing and Visual Arts, at, and those interested in learning more about Salvador Jiménez-Flores can visit his website at

Story by: Treyson Lyon
Photo by: SUU Marketing