Welcome to SUU Outdoors

SUU wouldn’t be able to claim the title “Most Outdoorsy School in the Nation” for two years in a row without a great outdoors center. SUU Outdoors is the on-campus resource for students wishing to get outside.

The most popular resource are the adventure trips hosted by SUU Outdoors employees for students to participate in. Each adventure is lead by trained guides and all required equipment is provided.

SUU Outdoors excursions can rage from weekend canyoneering trips to paddle boarding in Lake Powell. These trips welcome all skill levels from beginner to expert. However, basic experience is helpful for some activities like rock climbing.

Riley Carter, a Junior biology major, was an avid attender of the SUU Outdoor adventures last year. “The SUU Outdoors trips are a blast,” Carter said. “I now lead them and I do my best to help others have a great time… It’s a stellar opportunity to go.”

Don’t worry–signing up is easy! To reserve a spot on a trip, visit the SUU Outdoors Base Camp, located in the Sharwan Smith Student Center (next to Chick-Fil-A) two weeks prior to the adventure’s date. Student’s must provide the following in order to be eligible for the trip: a student ID card with a current activity sticker and a credit or debit card.

All trip costs are covered by student fees. However, if a student fails to attend, their credit/debit card will be charged $20.

SUU Outdoor adventures helped Carter became comfortable planning his own trips. “I am [now] able to go on trips with my friends, now that I [learned] what to do,” Carter said.


For those who would rather plan their own outdoor trips, the SUU Outdoors Garage, located in the student/faculty parking lot north of the student center, offers a variety of equipment to rent . Students can create a weekend adventure by renting camping, climbing or even snowboarding gear. The garage also offers items like volleyball sets, slacklines and cornhole boards to accompany backyard parties.

All rentals are secured with a deposit equal to the full cost of the item and require a credit or debit card for reservation and pick-up. Pricing and availability are subject to change frequently. Students are not charged for days the SUU Outdoor Center is closed.

For a complete list of rental items and prices, visit https://www.suu.edu/outdoors/outdoor-center.html.

In June of 2018, Rob Myers retired his position as the SUU Outdoors manager. Keith Howells, the new manager, says the center is expected to undergo some changes. “We have so many ideas that I am really excited about,” Howells said. “We really want the title of ‘Most Outdoorsy School in the Nation’ to be more than a social media tag. We want to prove it.”

Though several transitions are coming this year, one thing about SUU Outdoors will never change. “It’s [our] job to encourage students to go outside,” Howell said.

If students have any questions they can call 435-865-8704 or email suuoutdoors@suu.edu. SUU Outdoors is also on all social media platforms.

Story By: Ansleigh Mikesell
Photography Provided By: SUU Outdoors and University Journal Staff