Campus Connect: SUU Sports Clubs and Activities

On Tuesday September 25th, the Southern Utah University Student Association partnered together with several other clubs to present this year’s first Campus Connect activity.

“Campus Connect is a way for students to meet our clubs,” said Jon Baker, Vice President of Clubs and Organizations at SUU. “[Students can] find a place where they belong on campus”.

Campus Connect is a monthly activity that helps introduce SUU students to the different clubs and organizations on campus, with a different prize drawing each time.

“We do different themed nights so students can get a real feel for all the different clubs,” said Baker. “We usually see an average of about 200 to 400 students and depending on the theme, it’s a different group of students each time.”

Tuesday’s theme was sports, and the clubs that were highlighted were the Hockey Club, the Rodeo Team, and the Thunder Crew.

Students attending the event participated in numerous activities provided by the clubs while learning more about them. This past Campus Connect included various games from free-throws to carpet hockey and lasso lessons.

“The clubs are all very welcoming,” said Christopher Dimond, a marketing major from Tremonton, Utah. “All of the groups are very knowledgeable.”

For many, however, the most appealing part of Campus Connect is the free pizza given out each time.

“I came for the free pizza,” Dimond admitted, “but I loved the rodeo because it’s something I’ve never done before. It was a true learning experience”

The next Campus Connect event is currently scheduled for October 30th, with more details to come on the SUU website.

Story by: Treyson Lyon
Photos by: Treyson Lyon