SUU’s Own Publishes First Novel

SUU’s own Chandler Olsen has just published his first novel and is hosting a book release party in the Sharwan Smith Student Center living room from 11 – 1 on Sept. 12.

All are welcome and invited to attend. Olsen has always loved stories and has spent his life creating and acting them out with his childhood friends.

Olsen’s novel The Immortal Cure is the first of what will be a six-book series. This book takes place in a Steampunk world with a twist. Olsen has swapped out the dragons and magic of traditional high- fantasy for a unique world of alchemy, chimera, golem and technology.

This story follows the young protagonist Charlotte, daughter of an immortal tyrant. Charlotte wishes to end her father’s rule and free the oppressed. To do that someone must find The Immortal Cure. This cure is the only way to reverse his immortality and end his reign of tyranny.

This action-adventure story is an epic journey with a little romance and deep-seated mystery that will keep the reader turning pages as they unravel the secrets of immortality and its consequences.

So far this novel has received rave reviews and he sold out of the copies he took to Salt Lake City FanX this year.

To learn more about the series visit Olsen’s website at The Eternal Alchemist or better yet, come to the Sharwan Smith center and purchase a signed copy in person!

To stay updated with CJ and the series follow him on Twitter @authorcjo, Instagram @author_cj_olsen and Facebook @theeternalalchemist.

Story by: Alexis J. Taylor
Photo by: SUU Marketing