Life Outside T-Bird Nation

Life Outside T-Bird Nation
Edition 1 – Volume 1

“In my five years at Southern Utah University, I’ve learned a multitude of strong lessons. One, being that an institution like ours does not succeed without people pushing it to. Our college is filled with varying students and faculty who give an enormous amount of effort to make SUU succeed. Year-by-year we hear about T-Bird successes on campus. My team and I wanted to know what motivated SUU students beyond the university. Thus, we created Life Outside of T-Bird Nation. What you will experience in this magazine is an in-depth look at the strengths and struggles of students outside of campus experiences. Our intention is for the student body to better understand the diversity of our campus and what it takes to create an individual’s unique story.”
-Samantha Burfiend-Sherrill, SUU News Editor-In-Chief 2017-18

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