Open Senate Applications


Following SUU’s recent elections for student government, there remained some unfilled senatorial positions.

The school is looking to fill of Humanities and Social Sciences senator position. For those interested, there is a simple set of steps to apply. First, login to your My SUU portal and go to T-Bird Connection. Here, there are applications for the Student Involvement and Leadership office (if it is not on the first page, search “organizations”).

After filling out the application, the STIL office will follow-up by calling to set up and interview.

The Senate will fill the position within the next two weeks.

The requirements for the position mandate being a current SUU student with at least one year of school left, a 2.75 GPA and enrolled in the college of Humanities and Social Sciences, which includes communication, english, languages, philosophy, history, sociology, anthropology, political science, criminal justice and psychology.

Also available are positions in the STIL marketing office and the Student Programming Board, both also found on T-Bird Connection.

Applications are due today.

Story by
Jake Sorenson for SUU News

Photo by
Mitchell Quartz