Palentine’s- The Manly Way To Celebrate Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is for lovers … right? Well everyone, single or taken, has to get through it. If you happen to find yourself in the single category this Valentine’s Day, here’s an idea to make the day seem a little less about the couples.

First off, gather up the boys at least the single ones. Everyone knows how whipped the ones with girlfriends are.

Next up, get everyone to talk about what to do on this most cheesy holiday. For me the choice was simple, pamper yourself. While it’s true girls do like to get pampered by days at the spa and stuff like that, guys sometimes enjoy it too don’t judge us.

We decided on trying out these face masks everyone is so crazy about, some wine and ordering a pizza or two. I mean, if girls like all that stuff so much then there must be something to it right? Turns out girls have the right idea when it comes to treating yourself. The face masks ended up being hilarious and actually quite good for our skin.

Next up we decided to get really into the spirit of Valentine’s Day so we discreetly went and got “50 Shades of Grey” and gave that one a try. Let me tell you, that movie had the entire room losing their minds. Between the excitement and the slightly uncomfortable yet interesting plot line, it was overall a pretty good movie–but you didn’t hear that from me.

At the end of the day, Valentine’s Day will be what you make it. Whether you’re single or taken, the day can be a fun one with just a little bit of creativity.

Story By
Jake Sorenson for SUU News

Photo Courtesy
Cole Hutson on Unsplash