Amber Mecham: The Pursuit of Music Education

Photo of Amber Mecham Courtesy of Sherri Jamieson Photography

Beginning at age five, Amber Mecham from Syracuse, Utah took piano lessons and guitar. Now a sophomore in SUU’s music department, Mecham plays no less than 10 different instruments, and is a talented singer.

In an interview with Mecham earlier this week, she shared her journey to this point saying, “My mom started teaching me piano at the age of five, she was a piano teacher … she forced me.”  

“After piano and guitar my interests in instruments and learning them branched out from there. Now I can also play the organ, ukulele, mandolin, flute, violin, saxophone, clarinet and drums.”  

Mecham is a music education major with a secondary choral emphasis. Her goal is to become a junior high school choir teacher. “My junior high choir teacher was my favorite teacher of all time, and that is why I want to teach junior high,” she said.

The next step in Mecham’s journey is in passing her sophomore gateway. She explains, “I have to perform several different songs including some in German and Italian. It’s in a personal recycle format, performing in front of a panel of music professors. Who afterwards, gets to decide if I get to continue in the program or not.”

Mecham is excited in her prospects of hopefully passing her sophomore gateway and continuing in her major.

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Savannah Palmer