Jean Boreen: First Female Dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences

SUU is set to welcome Jean Boreen to the university as the new Dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

“Jean is the first female dean of the college of humanities and social sciences which is a big deal,” Provost Brad Cook said. “(Jean) got the job because she was the most qualified. The fact that she is female is really great news too because when it comes to leadership on campus, we need to have more strong female leaders in these sort of positions. We will be a healthy university because of it.”

Boreen said she feels honored to be the first female dean of SUU’s HSS department.

“I hope that I can serve as a role model for other women who aspire to be leaders at the university level,” Boreen said. “Mentoring has been one of my passions during my professional life. I hope that I can serve as an example and a support to those who would like to undertake professional development in the area of leadership.”

Boreen comes to SUU with a multitude of qualifications. Northern Arizona University’s College of Arts and Letters hosted Boreen as the school’s associate dean for the past 11 years. Last year, she served as interim dean of the same college. Boreen officially accepts her position as dean of the HSS department in July 2018.

“Picking Boreen as HSS dean was not an easy task”, SUUSA HSS Senator Grace Schulz said.

The process took a committee of 13 people several months to narrow down the search. The committee included:

  • Provost Cook
  • Shawn Christiansen, Chair of the Committee and Dean of the College of Education and Human Development
  • Steve Barney, Professor of Psychology
  • Jennifer Hunter, Senior Instructional Designer
  • Jason Smith, Assistant Professor of Spanish
  • Cameron Brooks, Executive Director of Development and Gift Planning
  • Michelle Orihel, Assistant Professor of History
  • Jacqueline Russell, HSS Business Manager
  • Kevin Jacobson, Professor of Criminal Justice
  • Art Challis, Department Chair of Communication
  • Jessica Tvordi, Department Chair of English Department
  • Katya Konkle, Curriculog Specialist/Catalog Editor
  • Grace Schulz, HSS Senator

“From the beginning, Jean really stood out as well-qualified,” Schulz said. “NAU is a very similar school to SUU, so she had worked in a rural western environment and a public art institution. She is well-qualified and she is well-spoken. And I think it is fantastic that she is a woman.”

Boreen said she ultimately is excited to come to SUU and further the HSS department.

“I look forward to meeting the students, staff and faculty, without a doubt,” Boreen said. “The favorite parts of my day occur when I’m interacting with students or developing new programs or initiatives with faculty and staff that will offer a positive benefit for our students. I look forward to working with others to meet the opportunities and challenges that will inevitably face us in a positive and proactive manner.”    

Story By
Cassidy Harmon

Photo Courtesy of Jean Boreen