Art Insights – Becca Clason

Art Insights begins again tonight with a visit from Becca Clason, a graphic designer. Clason uses stop motion animation and food to create advertisements for companies including Starbucks and American Express.

According to Clason’s website, she earned her degree in graphic design and advertising at Brigham Young University and began her career in New York City as an advertising art director. She later moved back to Utah where she discovered hand-lettering and knew she had found her calling.

Clason said in an interview with Kara Cutruzzula, a freelance writer, editor and playwright based out of Brooklyn,  “Much of my inspiration comes from music, mixed-media art and the desire to make something beautiful with layers and flow …” going on to say,“I want my tactile designs to be a piece of art as well as advertising, so I always visualize how the colors and textures of the lettering materials, backgrounds and props will look together as a finished piece.”

According to a press release by Tracy Solimeno, a master’s candidate of arts administration, “Clason will share how she found her niche, pursued what she really loved, was able to get her work noticed in a saturated industry and why she thinks passion projects are essential to staying inspired and being successful.”

Art Insights take place at SUMA every other Thursday at 7 p.m. Each lecture is free and open to the public. The next Art Insights will take place on Jan. 25.

Story By
Jenna Chapman

Photo by
Haleigh Clemens